Inspired by our best-selling products, each formulation features a unique blend of natural essential oils designed to deliver aromatherapy benefits. Our signature scents are modern, gender inclusive, and naturally revitalizing.


Delve into the essence of tranquility and vitality with LATHER’s Aromatherapy Collection, where every product is an ode to the senses. Inspired by our universally cherished best-sellers, each item in this line is meticulously infused with a unique blend of natural essential oils, offering not only a sensory indulgence but also the intrinsic benefits of aromatherapy. From the compact 1 oz essence for the on-the-go individual to the generous 10.14 oz filled/locked system designed for sustained use, there’s a size and style to fit every space and need.

The collection extends to the 12 oz filled/locked invisible system, seamlessly integrating into your living or work area, and the eco-conscious 10 oz refillable options that affirm our commitment to sustainability. The range is thoughtfully complemented with accessories that enhance your aromatherapy experience.

Our signature scents transcend gender and convention, crafted for the modern individual seeking a naturally revitalizing retreat from the ordinary. Whether it’s a moment of calm before the day begins or a soothing ambiance to welcome you home, LATHER’s Aromatherapy Collection transforms your routine into a ritual of self-rejuvenation. Embrace the luxury of wellness with these curated aromatic selections, designed to elevate your mood, environment, and well-being.