Five Star Napkins are recognized as a leading provider of high-quality single-use linens in the hospitality industry. The product range includes bespoke cocktail napkins, event napkins, tray liners, in-room dining, placemats and hand towels. Five Star Napkins are a luxury alternative designed to elevate the guest experience in hotels, bars, casinos and cruise ships. Our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly materials starts with the sourcing and manufacture from organic and recycled cotton. The organic and recycled cotton is sourced from post-consumer waste, reducing the demand for new raw materials and minimizing environmental impact.
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Five Star cotton cocktail napkins elevated our cocktail experience. A favorite with our guests!

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The Five Star Napkins collection presents an affordable, stylish, and elegant alternative to paper. These 100% single use organic cotton napkins are available in vibrant colors or more subtle neutrals that are perfect for an upcoming wedding or other formal event. From the perfect seasonal selection to finish your holiday table to offering an entirely personalized napkin, Five Star Napkins has a selection of napkins to fit any occasion.
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