Reawaken your senses and realign your spirit with the Bamboo Lemongrass Collection from LATHER. This sophisticated line is designed not just to cleanse and soothe your skin but to offer a holistic environmental advantage. Embrace the ritual of self-care with our diverse range of products, from the travel-friendly 1 oz to the lavish 16 oz refillable option, each providing an infusion of nature’s best.

The 9.8 oz filled/locked system is perfect for those who appreciate a lasting touch of luxury, while the 9.8 oz refillable selection stands as a testament to our dedication to eco-conscious living. Our 16 oz refillable option caters to the needs of the devoted enthusiast, ensuring that your favorite products are always at hand.

In harmony with nature, our collection is imbued with the invigorating essence of bamboo and lemongrass, ingredients known for their revitalizing properties and their ability to reset the mind and body. This line is complemented by thoughtfully designed accessories that enhance your experience and ensure the integrity of every application.

Discover a more centered self with the Bamboo Lemongrass Collection, where each product is a step toward environmental consciousness and personal rejuvenation. Dive into a world where every lather brings you closer to nature and every rinse leaves you prepared to face the world anew.