Tray Liners

Elevate your room service with Five Star Napkins’ Tray Liners, crafted from 100% organic and recycled cotton. Bespoke designs available across the collection for a luxurious and sustainable touch.


Elevate the room service experience in your hotel with Five Star Napkins’ Tray Liners. These liners are not just a functional item but a symbol of your commitment to luxury and guest satisfaction. Designed to harmonize with the high standards of hotel room service, these tray liners add an elegant touch to every meal delivered.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each tray liner is made from 100% organic and recycled cotton, underscoring both style and sustainability. The use of high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics ensures durability and a sophisticated appearance, enhancing the presentation of your culinary offerings. The subtle yet refined design of these tray liners complements any room service setup, seamlessly integrating with your hotel’s aesthetic.

Ideal for a range of culinary presentations, from breakfast in bed to late-night dining, these tray liners are a testament to Five Star Napkins’ dedication to luxury in every aspect of hotel hospitality. They are not only practical, safeguarding the tray and enhancing cleanliness, but also visually appealing, elevating the overall dining experience.

Five Star Napkins’ Tray Liners are available with bespoke designs across the entire collection, allowing you to personalize the liners to fit your hotel’s theme or brand identity. Incorporate these tray liners into your hotel’s room service offerings to ensure a memorable and elegant dining experience for your guests. They represent more than just convenience; they are a statement of exquisite hospitality and attention to detail.