At LATHER and LATHER Custom, we deliver daily wellness experiences. ​ Taking a holistic approach to skin and hair care, we place our focus on creating best-in-class products made with natural ingredients that soothe and rejuvenate both the mind and body. ​ Women owned since 1999, and a pioneer in the clean beauty space, LATHER uniquely develops synthetic fragrance-free products with natural essential oils as standard. Through these innovative formulations, with strict quality control, and seamless distribution, we have steadily grown to become a trusted industry leader. We proudly enhance guest experience, drive revenue, and create continuity with in-room, spa, and retail solutions. ​ You can be assured that your team and your guests will always be taken care of.
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LATHER offers daily natural skincare and wellness that help you feel real.


We couldn't ask for a better bath amenity and brand partner than LATHER. The company's modern packaging and crisp, vibrant scents fit the vibe of our boutique hotel collection to a tee. We use LATHER's body products in many of our guest packages and as gifts for our loyalty club members. We greatly value LATHER's exceptional customer service and willingness to always partner with us on promotional and press events. Simply put, LATHER has been a big part of Lark Hotels' growth and success.

Dawn Hagin, Chief Inspiration Officer, Lark Hotels

Discover the Essence of LATHER

Embark on a journey with LATHER, where we go beyond solving everyday problems to address larger issues in skincare. With over 20 years of commitment, we challenge norms, champion ingredient transparency, and redefine beauty standards. Explore Emilie's story, delve into our innovative approaches, and embrace our truth-telling philosophy. Uncover the secrets of our carefully curated ingredients and learn about our dedication as caretakers, fostering meaningful connections with our community, partners, and you. Experience the true essence of LATHER – where daily skincare meets a commitment to your well-being. LATHER products can be found at high-end boutiques, spas and hotels across the U.S.
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