Marc Friedland Couture Communications looks at brands differently than other agencies. Our work is rooted in emotion. We design for feeling, beginning from a place of empathy to imagine the expression on a guest’s face, the warmth of welcome in their heart, a relaxed enjoyment in their whole self. Evoking these feelings becomes our goal at every touchpoint of their journey, creating emotionally impactful moments that become the stories your guests go on to share. From grand openings to amenities packages, hospitality begins with a heartfelt sense of welcome, surprise, and delight, and we welcome you to discover how we are helping the most prestigious names in hospitality deepen their relationships with their guests.
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We design and produce luxury communications and experiences infused with emotion.


Marc Friedland’s unique approach delivers excellence in creativity, execution, and most importantly, unique and memorable pieces befitting the moments they are meant to elevate.

Michael Hoffman, Managing Director, Arizona Biltmore Hotel

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Whether for a grand opening or reopening, milestone event, or bespoke on-property experience, let us help you infuse meaning and emotion into every touchpoint.
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