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Introducing the Wellness Collection by Frette—an exquisite extension to their renowned hospitality line, curated to elevate the guest experience at hotel properties. This exclusive collection seamlessly integrates luxury with well-being, offering a range of meticulously crafted products designed for yoga, relaxation, and enhanced sleep. From plush yoga mats that provide both comfort and stability to indulgent relaxation accessories that envelop guests in tranquility, Frette’s Wellness Collection redefines the art of hospitality. The assortment also includes a selection of sleep accessories, such as sumptuous eye masks and premium-quality bedding, ensuring that every guest enjoys a rejuvenating and restful night. Immerse your guests in the unparalleled comfort and sophistication of the Wellness Collection, where Frette’s commitment to excellence extends beyond linens to embrace the holistic well-being of every traveler.


The Wellness Collection by Frette marks a new era in luxury hospitality, where the focus on guest well-being is paramount. This collection, an extension of Frette’s renowned hospitality line, is meticulously curated to enhance the guest experience in hotel properties, blending luxury with wellness in a harmonious symphony.

At the heart of this collection are yoga essentials, including plush yoga mats that strike the perfect balance between comfort and stability. These mats are designed not only to support physical activity but also to complement the aesthetic of your luxury hotel spaces. They provide a serene foundation for guests’ yoga practices, aligning physical exercise with mental relaxation.

Accompanying the yoga mats are indulgent relaxation accessories, thoughtfully crafted to envelop guests in a cocoon of tranquility. Whether it’s a post-yoga session or a moment of quiet contemplation, these accessories add a touch of Frette’s signature luxury to the relaxation experience.

The collection also boasts a range of sleep accessories, including sumptuous eye masks and premium-quality bedding. These items are designed to ensure that every guest enjoys a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep, a cornerstone of the holistic well-being approach that Frette embodies.

Introduce the Wellness Collection by Frette to your hotel property and immerse your guests in an environment that prioritizes their well-being. This collection is more than just an offering of products; it’s a commitment to the holistic health and comfort of every traveler, ensuring that their stay is not just memorable but also restorative.

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