Grand Openings & Reopenings

Introducing a property to the world is more than just a spectacular party. It’s about showcasing your hotel’s most brilliant facets, crafting shareable moments that generate press-worthy buzz, and creating that first but lasting emotional impression that builds relationships, loyalty, and business. At Marc Friedland Couture Communications, we consider every detail in order to create original and memorable event concepts that express a property’s unique story across every touchpoint. Anyone can plan a party, but our distinctive approach infuses every moment with meaning to ensure a singular experience guests won’t stop talking about.

  • Event Concept Development, Branding and Creative Direction
  • Custom Invitations (digital and print)
  • Event Accessories (menus, programs, etc.)
  • Original Keepsakes
  • VIP Gifting


Marc Friedland Couture Communications proudly presents the “Grand Openings & Reopenings” collection, a bespoke suite of services designed to transform property introductions into unforgettable experiences. Understanding that the inauguration of a hotel is far more than a mere celebration, this collection is meticulously curated to capture and convey the essence of your property, creating an indelible first impression that resonates with guests long after the event.

Our approach to grand openings and reopenings is holistic and immersive, focusing on showcasing the unique attributes and stories of your hotel. We craft each event with the intention to not just entertain, but to engage and enchant, generating a buzz that extends well beyond the physical confines of the event.

At the core of our service is Event Concept Development, where our team collaborates closely with you to envision a concept that is reflective of your brand’s identity and narrative. We then bring this concept to life through expert Branding and Creative Direction, ensuring a consistent and captivating theme across all aspects of the event.

Our Custom Invitations, available in both digital and print formats, are the first touchpoint with your guests, setting the tone for the event. These invitations are more than mere announcements; they are artful representations of your property’s character and Marc Friedland’s signature creativity.

To enhance the event experience, we provide an array of Event Accessories such as bespoke menus, programs, and more, each designed to complement the event’s theme and ambiance. These accessories not only serve functional purposes but also act as extensions of the event’s narrative.

The “Grand Openings & Reopenings” collection also includes Original Keepsakes and VIP Gifting options, offering guests a tangible and lasting reminder of their experience. These items are thoughtfully designed to be treasured, reinforcing the emotional connection made during the event.

With Marc Friedland Couture Communications, your property’s introduction to the world is not just an event; it’s a meticulously crafted experience, steeped in meaning and elegance. Our collection ensures that your grand opening or reopening is not just memorable, but legendary.