Beach & Pool Towel Collection

Elevate your beach and poolside experiences with Frette’s Beach & Pool Towel Collection, crafted from soft and absorbent 100% cotton terry. Lounge in style with these generously sized towels, featuring the iconic Frette style and chic contrast borders. These towels bring a touch of sophistication to your aquatic adventures.


Transform your hotel’s beach and pool areas into havens of luxury with Frette’s Beach & Pool Towel Collection. Designed for hoteliers who seek to provide their guests with an exceptional outdoor experience, this collection is a testament to Frette’s dedication to luxury and comfort. Each towel, crafted from the finest 100% cotton terry, offers unparalleled softness and superior absorbency, ensuring your guests’ utmost satisfaction.

These generously sized towels are not just practical amenities; they are an integral part of the guest experience, inviting them to lounge in style and comfort. Whether poolside or at the beach, these towels add a layer of sophistication to your hotel’s outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Featuring the iconic Frette style, each towel is adorned with chic contrast borders, a subtle yet striking design that resonates with the elegance of your establishment. These towels do more than dry; they showcase your commitment to providing premium experiences, aligning with the expectations of guests at luxury hotels.

Elevate your hotel’s outdoor offerings with Frette’s Beach & Pool Towel Collection. Providing these plush, stylish towels ensures that every moment your guests spend by the water is enveloped in luxury, reflecting the high standards of your property.

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