Bamboo Crème

This refreshing collection will bring renewal to all your guests. Shea butter and bamboo extract provide deep conditioning properties that are uniquely gentle. A delicate blend of citrus and lavender creates an elevated experience without overpowering aromas.


The Bamboo Crème Collection by LATHER is a sanctuary of rejuvenation for your guests, offering a serene escape into nourishment and renewal. At the heart of this collection lies the deep conditioning power of shea butter, paired harmoniously with the fortifying essence of bamboo extract. Each product is a gentle caress, designed to pamper the skin while respecting its delicate balance.

The collection spans a thoughtful range of sizes, from the personal 1.3 oz to the generous 16 oz refillable options, ensuring that the luxury of Bamboo Crème is always within reach. The 10.14 oz systems, available in both filled/locked and filled/refillable formats, cater to a seamless integration into daily life, where the art of self-care is given the reverence it deserves.

A delicate blend of citrus and lavender lies at the core of Bamboo Crème’s allure, creating an elevated sensory experience that is both soothing and sophisticated. The scents are carefully curated to enliven without overwhelming, making each use an exercise in subtlety and elegance.

With accessories designed to complement and enhance the use of each crème, the Bamboo Crème Collection transforms routine into ritual, and care into comfort. Invite your guests to indulge in a touch of tranquility, and envelop them in the softness and serenity that is Bamboo Crème.