PICKLESTARS™ represents the evolution of pickleball into a consistently engaging experience for guests who are pickleball enthusiasts as well as newcomers to the sport. PICKLESTARS™ fresh, bespoke programs and uncompromising standards are the key to providing your guests and property with a recreational option in line with your brand and standards of service excellence. PICKLESTARS™ is for hospitality and brand leaders who recognize the power of pickleball to attract guests—and who want to elevate the experience of the game. Want to make pickleball more than an afterthought to your amenity, recreation, or program? Limited by space to the recreational options you can offer? PICKLESTARS™ is here for you.

Bringing Pickleball to the Forefront of Luxury Hospitality


I enjoyed myself immensely at the Pickle Stars program, the organization was the best!

Evette Rory, Guest at Five Star Resort

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Experience the fusion of luxury and active leisure with PICKLESTARS™, your ultimate partner for seamlessly integrating pickleball into your resort, hotel, or brand's amenities. With expertise in club management, consulting, event coordination, and construction oversight, PICKLESTARS™ ensures pickleball becomes a standout feature of your hospitality offerings.

Enhance your offerings and enchant your guests with the dynamic allure of pickleball. Let's collaborate to position your property as the premier destination for discerning travelers in search of unparalleled leisure and sophistication.
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