Bespoke Pickleball Experiences

At PICKLESTARS™, we excel in crafting bespoke pickleball event activations, managing the entire process from conception to post-event activities. With our vast network and industry know-how, we offer unparalleled access to renowned figures, ensuring each event meets global standards. From personalized courts and a professionally trained delivery team to custom paddles, balls, and essential gear, we deliver an unparalleled experience.


Bespoke Pickleball Experiences

Curated Pickleball Experiences: From intimate, exclusive VIP activations to grand-scale tournaments, PICKLESTARS™ delivers events tailored to your unique brand and guest profile.

End-to-end Management: The PICKLESTARS™ team handles all aspects of event production, including planning, execution, and post-event evaluation.

Exclusive Access: Leverage our network and expertise to host events featuring renowned personalities and exclusive experiences.

World-Class Standards: Drawing from our experience in managing high-profile events and working with global stars, we guarantee memorable and impeccably organized events.