Vanity Mats

Elevate your vanity space with Five Star Napkins’ Vanity Mats, crafted from 100% organic and recycled cotton. Bespoke designs available across the collection for a luxurious and sustainable touch.


Discover the epitome of luxury in your daily routine with Five Star Napkins’ Vanity Mats. These mats are expertly crafted to elevate your personal space with a touch of elegance and sophistication. The image showcases the luxury of these mats, with a brush and makeup accessories elegantly arranged atop the plush, organic and recycled cotton material.

Each mat is thoughtfully designed to enhance your vanity area, offering a soft and absorbent surface that is gentle on your delicate makeup tools and accessories. Sourced with a commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical practices, these mats are not only luxurious but also eco-friendly.

Their hypoallergenic and gentle nature makes these mats ideal for all skin types, including the most sensitive. The fine weave and high-quality construction ensure durability and lasting beauty, capable of withstanding daily use while maintaining its exquisite texture and appearance.

Customizable with bespoke designs, these mats offer a unique branding opportunity, allowing you to personalize them to fit your establishment’s theme or brand identity. Perfect for personal use or as a sophisticated addition to guest bathrooms in luxury hotels or spas, these vanity mats are a practical and stylish solution for maintaining a clean and organized vanity space.

The elegant design and superior craftsmanship of Five Star Napkins’ Vanity Mats transform a simple necessity into a statement of unparalleled luxury and environmental consciousness. Elevate your vanity experience with these exquisite mats, where everyday functionality meets the pinnacle of opulence and eco-friendly design.

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