Sustainable Serveware Essentials

Elevate your dining experience with our eco-friendly serveware, perfect for any occasion.


The Sustainable Serveware Essentials collection features a range of environmentally conscious products designed to impress guests while minimizing environmental impact. This collection includes durable palm leaf plates and bowls, crafted from fallen palm leaves and sanitized using sustainable methods. The bamboo bowls offer a stylish and compostable option for serving. The agave cutlery mix pack provides sustainable and sturdy options for all your dining needs. Each item in this collection is designed to withstand hot and cold foods, making them versatile for any dining setting.


  • Palm Square Plates
  • Palm Round Bowls
  • Palm Square Bowls
  • Palm Trays
  • Palm Round Plates
  • Palm Compartment Dishes
  • Bamboo Bowls
  • Agave Cutlery Mix Pack