Eco-Friendly Beverage Solutions

Serve drinks sustainably with our range of compostable and biodegradable beverage accessories.


The Eco-Friendly Beverage Solutions collection offers a complete selection of compostable beverage accessories. From coffee stirrers and cocktail straws to jumbo straws and compostable hot cups, every product in this collection is designed to reduce plastic waste. The items are made from natural materials like bamboo, ensuring that they break down quickly in composting facilities. These products are perfect for cafes, bars, and any establishment looking to provide an eco-friendly drink service without compromising on quality.


  • Red Coffee Stirrer
  • Red Cocktail Straw
  • Red Straws
  • Unwrapped Cocktail and Coffee Stirrers
  • Unwrapped Jumbo Straw
  • Wrapped Jumbo Straw
  • Wrapped Jumbo Long Straws
  • Compostable Hot Cups
  • Hot Cup Lids