Special and Memorable Amenities

Elevate your guests’ experience with Torn Ranch luxury hotel snacks – a brand dedicated to crafting special and memorable amenities. From VIP recognition gifts to indulgent nighttime truffles, we collaborate with you to surprise and delight, ensuring an unforgettable stay that extends beyond the check-out. Our unique gift collections, inspired by the artistry and casual elegance of the Napa Sonoma region, are perfect for corporate gifting or adding a touch of gourmet luxury to specialty retail displays.


At Torn Ranch, we understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression. That’s why we offer a range of special and memorable amenities as well as private branding, from VIP recognition gifts to the allure of nighttime truffles. We work closely with you to create an ambiance of surprise and delight, contributing to a guest experience that transcends the ordinary. Our passion lies in crafting moments that elevate your brand, forging memories that linger long after your guests have returned home.