Since 1833, Garnier Thiebaut has been servicing the finest hotels and restaurants around the globe. Renowned for an extensive catalog of luxury bed, bath, and dining collections, Garnier Thiebaut USA is a leading provider of hospitality linens in the North American and Caribbean markets. From sourcing the purest fibers, to weaving and delivering finished products, Garnier Thiebaut USA is a vertically integrated linen designer and manufacturer. This production proximity enables unparalleled customization offerings, wherein every vision can be woven to reality.
Brand Affiliations:
Food Buy
HSM (Hilton Supply Management)
SAP Ariba

Collections by Garnier Thiebaut USA

Weaving Timeless Moments


Weave Your Vision to Life

Garnier Thiebaut USA is more than a supplier, we are a partner. With a legacy spanning over 190 years, Garnier Thiebaut linens are woven with the utmost attention to detail, care and expertise. Our dedicated team strives to enhance guest experiences with linens that reflect your property's unique charm and commitment to excellence. Elevate your space with timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship. Reach out through our contact form to start the journey today.
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