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REDVANLY is a modern-day tale of two young guys' bootstrap grind, family and friends' hustle to build a brand and New Age family business that had more than relevancy. It was born from heart, soul, ambition, vision, and passion for sport. Their uniquely designed pull-on Hanover Short and Kent Trouser initially put them on the map in the golf world, but their presence has grown substantially in racquets, athletics, and lifestyle. The entire collections' intentional fabrication, innovative materials, technical engineering, and deliberate detailing has created an impact-both in sport and life.

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Just buy Redvanly - it's got stretch, it's got a collar, even if you mix and match it, you're fine!

Sean Avery, Former NHL Hockey Player

Join the REDVANLY Movement: Elevate Athletic Luxury

At REDVANLY, we are relentless in crafting the ultimate in athletic luxury, blending performance, functionality, and unmistakable style. Our garments are meticulously designed with the modern athlete in mind—every stitch, fabric, and design element engineered to enhance your athletic performance while ensuring unparalleled comfort and style for all aspects of your life. Whether you're looking to outfit your team or provide premium athletic wear options at your hotel or resort, REDVANLY is your partner in excellence. Connect with us today to explore how our collections can elevate the experience of every guest and member. Together, let's redefine the boundaries of what athletic wear can be.
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