A hotel room outfitted with the Matouk Hotel Collection offers guests the experience of luxury combined with the familiar, reassuring comforts of home. We bring to your property the unmatched beauty of Matouk for bed and bath, along with our reputation for quality and craftsmanship, perfected over 90 years. In addition to our unique collection of Matouk hotel linens, we can also create custom colors, logos, monograms, and more that strengthen your brand’s identity and make linens uniquely your own. Handcrafted luxury linens from the world's finest materials, Matouk ensures an unforgettable experience of comfort and elegance for your guests.
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Handcrafted Luxury Linens from the World's Finest Materials.


At The Colony Hotel we strive to deliver a luxurious guest experience that is distinctly charming. Matouk has helped us achieve this goal as they, too, are a family-owned, multigenerational business with a commitment to style-forward, quality craftsmanship. From their scalloped, embroidered bed linens to their ultra-soft heavyweight bath towels, Matouk is the perfect partner to elevate the guest rooms at Palm Beach’s pinkest hotel.

Sarah J. Wetenhall, Owner and CEO of The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, FL

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Discover how the Matouk Hotel Collection can elevate your property with unmatched luxury and the comforting feel of home. Our collection features exquisite bed and bath linens, renowned for quality and craftsmanship perfected over 90 years. Enhance your brand’s identity with custom colors, logos, and monograms. Fill out the form below to learn more about partnering with Matouk and providing your guests with an unforgettable experience of comfort and elegance.
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