The Ferragamo Amenities Collection takes us on an olfactive journey through Tuscany. With ingredients that tell the story of the region, the brand created authentic memorable fragrances that are at the heart of the line. The formulas express the perfect balance between innovation, modernity and tradition, and are available in some of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. Ferragamo amenities are Made in Italy, creating pleasant precious moments for guests while providing outstanding product quality and an innovative design inspired by Ferragamo’s aesthetics and core values.

The esscence of Tuscany crafted by Ferragamo


I came at last to Florence…I wandered the city..I strolled through the soft summer night and felt the impact of its great beauty…in this beautiful city, with its centuries of wealth and art and its long traditions of noble leatherwork…perhaps in Florence I might realize my dream.

Salvatore Ferragamo “The Shoemaker of Dreams”

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All products are 100% Made in Italy and conform to the highest quality standards. Our formulas are delicate yet effective. Click the link below to learn more and explore the wonderful word of Ferragamo.
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