“Reckit+: Revolutionizing travel planning and management, this platform empowers professionals with digital tools to exceed modern travelers’ expectations, offering an all-in-one solution for personalized, efficient, and insightful travel experiences.”


Reckit+: The Future of Travel Planning and Management

In the dynamic world of travel, the launch of Reckit+ in Summer 2024 will mark an innovative leap forward for travel advisors and concierge agents. This cutting-edge platform is designed to transform travel planning and management, merging intuitive technology with the invaluable human touch and expertise that professionals bring to the table.

Empowering the Modern Travel Professional

Reckit+ is not just a tool; it’s an empowerment platform for travel professionals. By integrating all aspects of travel planning and management into a single, sleek digital platform, Reckit+ enables travel advisors and concierge agents to elevate their services for the modern traveler. Recognizing the digital shift among Gen Z and Millennial travelers, who are projected to dominate the travel market by 2025, Reckit+ equips travel professionals with advanced digital tools to meet and exceed the evolving expectations of these dynamic demographics.

Key Features That Set Reckit+ Apart:

All-in-One Platform: From itinerary creation to in-app messaging, Reckit+ offers a comprehensive suite of features including information on client travel preferences for personalized trip customization, custom agent landing pages for enhanced visibility, task management capabilities, and insightful travel guides.

Digital Empowerment: Reckit+ streamlines travel experiences by enabling travelers to interact visually with personalized recommendations, thereby simplifying the decision-making process and enhancing the overall planning experience.

Advanced Analytics: With features to track total trips, recommendations, ratings, messages, and other agent information, Reckit+ provides valuable insights for continuous improvement and engagement.

Designed for the Next Generation of Travelers

With Gen Z and Millennials estimated to constitute 75% of all consumers and travelers by 2025, Reckit+ is timely. These digitally savvy groups demand convenience, efficiency, and personalization in their travel experiences, and Reckit+ delivers on all fronts. By recognizing social media insights and integrating technology that resonates with these generations, Reckit+ makes travel planning effortless and enjoyable.

Beyond Technology: A Commitment to Excellence

Reckit+ goes beyond mere technology; it’s a commitment to excellence in the travel industry. By addressing the limitations of legacy systems with a platform that’s collaborative, centralized, intuitive, and mobile-friendly, Reckit+ sets a new standard for travel planning and management. It’s not just about meeting the needs of today’s travel professionals and their clients—it’s about anticipating the needs of tomorrow.

As we gear up for the official release of Reckit+ in Summer 2024, we invite travel advisors and concierge agents to join us in revolutionizing the travel industry. With Reckit+, embark on a journey to maximize every aspect of the travel experience, centered around expertise, convenience, and personalization. Elevate your services to the next level and meet the modern traveler not just where they are, but where they’re headed.