Discover Verified Excellence with Astria

Astria is a boutique platform dedicated to showcasing a select collection of brands for the discerning hotelier. Here, we bring together unparalleled hospitality brands and innovative products in one place. Our mission is to foster connections between top-tier hotels and our verified vendors, ensuring that every introduction is an opportunity for excellence.

Our Selection Process for Astria

We are committed to excellence, connecting hotels with only the most reliable and exceptional vendors. Our thorough selection process emphasizes quality, luxury, and dependability.

  1. Quality Excellence
    • Ensuring a luxurious and dependable experience.
    • Process: Sample review at verifiable locations against FTG standards.
  2. Luxury Packaging: Professional, guest-facing presentation.
    • Process: Samples sent for a ratings office review.
  3. Polished Brand Materials: High-quality marketing, sales, and product collateral.
    • Process: Submission of samples and links for ratings office review.
  4. Online Distinction: Aligning online presence with FTG values.
    • Process: Independent research on review and reputation sites.
  5. Impactful Backstory: Positive history and ethical practices.
    • Process: Independent research and inquiry with luxury client references.
  6. Financial Integrity: Reviewing financial, HR, and operational integrity.
    • Process: Independent research, inquiries, and financial reports.
  7. Global Credibility: Assessing distribution, scalability, and credibility.
    • Process: Gathering information on market presence and client references.
  8. Eco-Conscious Commitment: Assessing ESG commitments and sustainability.
    • Process: Inquiry into sustainability initiatives and alignment.
  9. Professional Leadership: Evaluating leadership, service culture, and communications.
    • Process: Assessing professionalism, timeliness, and conduct of key contacts.
  10. Verified Client Referrals: Prioritizing brands referred by luxury hotels within our network.
    • Process: Evaluation based on referrals from existing, trusted partners to identify new brands that align with our standards of luxury and excellence.

At Astria, we believe excellence is the standard, not just a goal. We invite you to discover the finest luxury goods and services for your property, connecting with trusted vendors through a process that removes guesswork and emphasizes quality and reliability.

Experience the finest in luxury goods for your property, with trusted vendors and no guesswork involved.

Interested vendors can fill out our candidate form and join us in our mission to elevate excellence in the hospitality industry with Astria.